So Here We Are

So Here We Are

The picture is old but this website is new. So new that it’s not quite finished; there are still some sections that need to be filled with content, then some minor bugs need to be sorted. But the design and purpose is clear. I think.

See, the problem is that a musician like me have so many many ways of making myself seen and heard. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are more or less ubiquitous today. It’s like if you’re not present there you don’t really exist. And you’re definitely not selling your music. But even if you have a presence it is hard to be noticed in all the noise. Seems like the people making money on Facebook are the ones telling you how to make money on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Instagram. 

But don’t get me wrong – Interzone Inc exists on all these platforms. Yes, I don’t post regularly and I am absolutely not following any ‘guidelines for success’. But I do post every now and then, and will continue to do so. 

Then there’s the streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play,  Amazon and dozens more. I don’t really know how many services currently offer my music, but I have made sure that you can access it on the top ones. Also for all my future releases. But my main place to get some money for my publicised music is my Bandcamp page. 

So you might ask: “With all these platforms to maintain and update, why have you gone and made yourself a new homepage?”. It’s a reasonable question and one that I asked myself quite a few times. But this page will serve three main purposes. At least.

  • Media hub. 
    A place where you will find all my music and videos from where ever I originally release them. Makes it easier for you to find it and for me to present it to you.
  • Blog
    A place for me to muse over things that feel important to me. Not limited to but definitely focused on electronic music.
  • Exclusives
    A place where I will post unique, unreleased and special releases. Right now there’s an unreleased track on the homepage; Birdboy. Do check it out.

So here we are. At the end of my very first blog post on my brand new site. Of course I hope that I will be able to attract many visitors, and that they listen and (hopefully) enjoy my music. But I am very aware of  how many like me are banging the attention drum, and it’s good to remember that one important thing:
I make strange electronic music because I love it! 

And if you do too, then I love you too.

Midnight, Sept 17 2019
Studio Silva, Sweden

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