30 Jun

Words and Sounds – A new collaboration

About a year ago I stumbled across a poem that really caught my eye. It was named Insert the knife an inch below the ear and twist and it stopped me dead in the tracks. You can find it here – and I suggest you go and read it now.

zoomzoom  The author behind it, and many more just as good, is a woman by the name of Penny Goring. She has blog of her own and for those of you that like the written word you should really check it out. It is found here.

And if you – like me – are really into Penny’s world of wonderful words, go and buy her book – Zoom Zoom – on Lulu Marketplace.

So it was a moment of great joy when she accepted to read and record two of her poems for me to put soundscapes and music to them! At first I was afraid I had bitten of more than I could swallow, but after I listened to the poems thoroughly I started to get two very different ideas. And yes, I actually sat in the dark with headphones on.

I am not gonna go anywhere near of interpreting or describing the meaning of the poems. I’ll let you figure that one out for yourselves. But the first one – called Ancient Victorians – begged only for a very soft and ambient soundscape flowing and floating in the background, enhancing the voice and words.

The second piece with the naked name of I Fear asked for a different approach. I felt it necessary to give it dynamics, tension and dramatization. So we ended up with a more classic track more themed track that fits well to Penny’s voice.

Now the best news is that all this is available to you as free downloads! Yes, just hop over to Interzone Download and see for yourself. Or why not listen right now? Both tracks are on the player below. Enjoy.


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