25 Jul

Teasing Sample

As I have stated before, the work on my n3xt release, Oscillator, is underway. And I thought it would be fun/nice/cool to give you all a small preview of what I’ve been tinkering on. Because there are two things that set this release quite a bit apart from the others. First the fact that it’s mostly – maybe 80% – recorded using analogue technique. Pure or emulated, but analogue. Second thing that alters the impact of the tracks is that most of them now are focusing on more melodies and harmonies.

So I am very curious as to how you all will react to this …change in Interzone music. For me, this is/was a necessary thing to do, and I have no clue if it’s a permanent change.

And here we have it, nothing big or fancy, just a half minute short excerpt from one of the tracks on Oscillator. I really hope you will love it.


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