31 Mar

Two Tears for you.

In the wake for the next major release, Oscillator, I am very glad to give to you a special three track release: Two Tears. It is in an extension of a few tracks from n3Xt; Sometimes in Rain and Velvet, and the tracks from Residue. This EP is in many ways both personal as well as […]

18 Feb

Wintersale – 30% off

Winter is both long and cold, so I thought that a sale would bring some warm harmonies into your lives. I had one last summer and it was a great success. Since then many more people have discovered this strange thing that Interzone is. So to you – and to everyone else I say: -“The sale is on! […]

13 Jun

New EP Released

Summertime Summer is here, warm winds caress me and the bright sun greets me every morning. It is easy to be productive when the environment is on your side. I do not subscribe to the myth that an artist can only create when s/he is starving or suffering. That’s rubbish. But…an artist must be familiar with pain, […]

16 May

More news from Annexia

Hi there music lovers. There is, as usual, a lot in the making and plenty of new stuff to look forward to. Shoplifting Yes, the Interzone Webshop is taking of. Most of the old releases are available there for good quality streaming as well as download. Even the free release n3Xtensions is there, complete with cover art and all. As […]

05 May

Shop ’til you Drop

Just a small note on a new feature here. If you look at the sidebar to the right you’ll see a new section: Shopping Zones. And besides the links to iTunes and Spotify there is a link to something called Interzone Webshop. That is just what it says. At last there is a online store fully […]