20 Mar

Beautiful Decay

Hello good people. After a very long silence I am very happy to be able to announce that I have released a brand new album; Beautiful Decay. For the moment it is only available at musc.interzones.se. In the future I might put it on Spotify and iTunes. Time will tell.  This release differs a bit […]

19 Jun

Studio Inkwell – part five: Done!

Hi again. Well, the next step after moving in was to decide what should go where. Not really easy, but after a few not-so-good attempts  I finally decided on how all the keyboards and synths should be placed, where the carpets should go, the computer and both computer screens, mixing desk, audio interface, outboard effects, […]

01 May

Studio Inkwell – part one

 This very blurry picture is me circa 1984 in front of my Roland Modular System 100m. Much of what I did then was made by that and other oldschool synths. No MIDI, no presets – just tons of knobs, switches, cables and patches to remember. I improvised just as much in the making of the […]

09 Oct

Nostalgia lane

No. I have not stopped blogging or making music. I have just had a very hectic period on many levels, and there just haven’t been the time to sit down and be creative. For me it’s a rather slow process; good music need time to develop. But even tough there still might be some time until new […]