05 Jan

Old Collaborations

So I hope all you have survived all the holidays and are ready for a new and exiting 2010. I have spent the days with in good company of friends, good food and good drinks. And now it’s time to return to some kind of normality.

05 Dec

Pictures in a Moog

Yes I admit it: Emerson, Lake and Palmer turned me on to classical music. Thanks to them, and The Nice, I did dicsover music I never thought I’d listen to. Tchaikovsky, Copeland and Chopin to name a few, and then of course – Mussorgsky.

15 Nov

Past Zones: Live Zone Four

The Live Zones release has a very special story to it, starting with my desire to be more direct in my music creation process. The previous releases were created under long time arcs. Some pieces took several months to finish, and now was the time to explore the zone of immediate composition!