26 Feb

New track – Andrin

After existing for several days in a minus 20 degrees cold I decided that it is time for us to get out of the cold and into something warm. And what better to warm us up with than a brand new track, inspired by a very special friend I have. This track is also the […]

07 Feb


So, as you know by now, n3Xt is finished and on it’s way out to all major online stores. If you want to buy a “real” CD made from the original wave files, please mail me. Ok, so what is n3Xtensions? Well, during the process of making n3Xt I recorded quite a few tracks. And […]

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05 Nov

Preamble: Past Zones

One thing I really like is when artists write about and comment on their work. It gives me a special insight and an understanding of thoughts and processes not described elsewhere. It makes me feel I’m involved.