18 Dec

To Remix a Fairytale

I was approached by Sergey of Elpamusic on contributing to a remix release of a track by Josh Winiberg; Fairytale. I listened to it and decided that I could give this track a new dimension, or at least a different interpretation. And today I got the news – the album has been released. Now what […]

02 May

Report from Annexia

Interview with Interzone A while back I met a very interesting person on Twitter – Lisa Provedor-Snyder. She is a performing musician and was just about to start a monthly newsletter about music and music related things. This was some time ago, and the newsletter – Green Velvet Moon Music Newsletter – has to this […]

05 Nov

Preamble: Past Zones

One thing I really like is when artists write about and comment on their work. It gives me a special insight and an understanding of thoughts and processes not described elsewhere. It makes me feel I’m involved.