20 Mar

Beautiful Decay

Hello good people. After a very long silence I am very happy to be able to announce that I have released a brand new album; Beautiful Decay. For the moment it is only available at musc.interzones.se. In the future I might put it on Spotify and iTunes. Time will tell.  This release differs a bit […]

05 Jun

Studio Inkwell – part four: The empty room

So this weekend was the big moving day. And the days this week are spent finding things and putting them in what might be a good place. To be replaced by a better place a few weeks after. As some of you know, I’m moving to a bigger flat, and as a because of that […]

05 Jul

Residual Tears is is here

Elpamusic, the wonderful distributors of really great and free music has been kind enough to offer me to contribute to their 67:th release. So I had two small previous releases, Residue and Two Tears, but only the latter was a free download. And since they are pretty similar musically, both with a mood of melancholy […]

26 Feb

New track – Andrin

After existing for several days in a minus 20 degrees cold I decided that it is time for us to get out of the cold and into something warm. And what better to warm us up with than a brand new track, inspired by a very special friend I have. This track is also the […]

05 Jan

Old Collaborations

So I hope all you have survived all the holidays and are ready for a new and exiting 2010. I have spent the days with in good company of friends, good food and good drinks. And now it’s time to return to some kind of normality.