20 Mar

Beautiful Decay

Hello good people. After a very long silence I am very happy to be able to announce that I have released a brand new album; Beautiful Decay. For the moment it is only available at musc.interzones.se. In the future I might put it on Spotify and iTunes. Time will tell.  This release differs a bit […]

05 Jul

Residual Tears is is here

Elpamusic, the wonderful distributors of really great and free music has been kind enough to offer me to contribute to their 67:th release. So I had two small previous releases, Residue and Two Tears, but only the latter was a free download. And since they are pretty similar musically, both with a mood of melancholy […]

31 Mar

Two Tears for you.

In the wake for the next major release, Oscillator, I am very glad to give to you a special three track release: Two Tears. It is in an extension of a few tracks from n3Xt; Sometimes in Rain and Velvet, and the tracks from Residue. This EP is in many ways both personal as well as […]

13 Jun

New EP Released

Summertime Summer is here, warm winds caress me and the bright sun greets me every morning. It is easy to be productive when the environment is on your side. I do not subscribe to the myth that an artist can only create when s/he is starving or suffering. That’s rubbish. But…an artist must be familiar with pain, […]

28 May

Interzone Incarnations

Yes here we have it. A collection of select tracks from Interzones three first releasees; Parabola, Dark Towers and Desires. …plus some bonus tracks. There are no remixes or remakes. Just the originals. Incarnations is released under the Creative Commons license, meaning it is a free download! So go get it at the Interzone Webshop. […]

26 Apr

More Deserts

This is a time of change, actually more change than I anticipated. All this that I might be taking the music in a new direction, and explore new areas is all good, and a natural part of the Interzone process. But a few days ago I did something that may put my music making on […]

17 Apr

On the Morningside

In the beginning there was Don Coscarelli, and his cult classic Phantasm series of films. Then came Mitia Wexler and Dragonfly Lingo and when Dragonfly merges with Phantasm (III in this case) the result is a very nice track called Morningside. Get it here. Now Dragonfly apparently liked the Morningside track so much he decided to do a remix of […]

03 Apr


There is a very cool netlabel focusing on the ambient side of music named Elpamusic. Not only can they boast with one of the most beautiful sites I’ve seen, they also have the good habit of releasing monthly compilations with great unsigned electronica – for free. So if you need your daily fix of ambient/electronica/somesuch […]