05 Nov

Preamble: Past Zones

One thing I really like is when artists write about and comment on their work. It gives me a special insight and an understanding of thoughts and processes not described elsewhere. It makes me feel I’m involved.

30 Oct

Fair play

The original plan for this place was to have all Interzone’s releases available here as MP3 files for free and easy download. But then a very interesting site came along called Gogoyoko. They are based in Iceland (Björk, Sigur Rós, et al), and they also have a some very cool polices:

29 Oct


After trying many different ways to publish the music and releases of Interzone, the decision was made to build a site unique to Interzone, the music and the people enjoying it. The first objective it so have all material available in streaming media format, plus a Newsblog and eventually a Forum. The journey has just started and who knows where this will take us.