31 Mar

Two Tears for you.

In the wake for the next major release, Oscillator, I am very glad to give to you a special three track release: Two Tears. It is in an extension of a few tracks from n3Xt; Sometimes in Rain and Velvet, and the tracks from Residue. This EP is in many ways both personal as well as […]

09 Oct

Nostalgia lane

No. I have not stopped blogging or making music. I have just had a very hectic period on many levels, and there just haven’t been the time to sit down and be creative. For me it’s a rather slow process; good music need time to develop. But even tough there still might be some time until new […]

18 Nov

Busy times

These days sure are keeping me busy, but it is a nice busy. So what’s up? Well for starters I have finished a 2CD compilation. It’s called Incarnations, and will only be sold in a record store in Reykjavik on Iceland.

15 Nov

Past Zones: Live Zone Four

The Live Zones release has a very special story to it, starting with my desire to be more direct in my music creation process. The previous releases were created under long time arcs. Some pieces took several months to finish, and now was the time to explore the zone of immediate composition!