19 Jun

Studio Inkwell – part five: Done!

Hi again.

Well, the next step after moving in was to decide what should go where. Not really easy, but after a few not-so-good attempts  I finally decided on how all the keyboards and synths should be placed, where the carpets should go, the computer and both computer screens, mixing desk, audio interface, outboard effects, speakers… That list became a really long one. Really long.

So finally I had everything where I wanted – now it was just a matter of connecting them all. So I soon found myself crawling around among line cables, USB and MIDI cables, CAT5 and speaker cables. And power chords. …yet again a long list.

Now I had some MIDI keyboards plugged into the computer, some hardware synths into a big analog mixer…into an audio interface…into the computer. And…ok, I’ll stop here and draw a schematic for you hard-core nerds out there.

Anyway – time to flip the switch (actually, a lot of switches) and see if this all worked as I planned – and IT DID!

So ladies and Gentlemen, let me present to you in all its big little glory: Studio Inkwell


There are of course minor stuff to be fixed. More lamps. A better chair. Posters on the walls.  Room for a fx rack. But, music has already been produced in the studio. Two tracks “Ancient Victorians” and “I Fear” was made in collaboration with the wonderful English poet Penny Goring. More on that in my next post here. Until then, as always:


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