19 Sep

Six years later it is here.

So summer has passed and winter is around the corner. And that is all good; I love when the seasons change. It’s proof of that time flows, and we with it. Life.

I have spent this weekend completely immersed with a new track. Well as a matter of fact, I’m slowly building towards yet another release. Sure, we are long from it being finished, but I have gotten material surprisingly fast. And one thing I very much like to share with you is something that has been waiting six years to be released! Border Patrol is finally done.

Yup. After a complete overhaul I can at last say that it’s done and I’m proud of the result. Have a listen and float away with the wonderful vocals of Sandhya Sanjana. Have a listen and dance to the beat. Have a listen, close your eyes and let your thoughts flow.

However you prefer to do it – click play and enjoy Border Patrol.


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