05 May

Shop ’til you Drop

Just a small note on a new feature here. If you look at the sidebar to the right you’ll see a new section: Shopping Zones. And besides the links to iTunes and Spotify there is a link to something called Interzone Webshop. That is just what it says. At last there is a online store fully controlled by Interzone and integrated with this site.

This means that I can set the prices, initiate campaigns, give stuff away for free and have exclusive bonus stuff for select people. I also get to keep 100% of the revenue; nothing goes to anyone else. That means that I can set decent prices so everyone gets a fair deal. This will also be the spot where new material gets to see the light of Internet for the first time. If you want to stay updated you can use the RSS feed there.

Right now the only release publilshed there is n3Xt, but rest assured it will be followed by parts of the back catalog, and naturally all the upcoming releases. I really hope you will find this addition to my site to be useful.


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Comments ( 2 )
  • Benerhos

    Glad to see you started using Bandcamp. It’s a great website.

  • It sure is.