02 May

Report from Annexia

Interview with Interzone
A while back I met a very interesting person on Twitter – Lisa Provedor-Snyder. She is a performing musician and was just about to start a monthly newsletter about music and music related things. This was some time ago, and the newsletter – Green Velvet Moon Music Newsletter – has to this date several issues published.

She said it would be interesting to write about Interzone; the music and the process. And she sure has. We corresponded quite a bit, performing some kind of interview via e-mail, and that is the foundation for her article/interview with me. Everything can be found here. She asks quite a few interesting questions – some were almost hard to define an answer to.  I find it interesting reading, and I hope you will take the time to spend a few minutes with it. Don’t you forget to subscribe to her newsletter as well.

Elpa 41: n3Xtensions
I have released five tracks on this website as free downloads. They are tracks that for one reason or another didn’t make it on the n3Xt release but were created in the n3Xt process. So I named them n3Xtensions and put them up for free download here.


elpa41_coverBut now you can get them all in one nice package from the wonderful people at Elpamusic. Yes, these kindly agreed to package and release n3Xtensions on their site. And since it is released under Creative Commons you can download the whole package for free, including artwork and my notes and thoughts. If you havent – then go and check out Elpamusic. They have released loads of really cool and exiting music. All you need is to download and enjoy.

Interzone Incarnations
I think I might have talked about this before, but here’s the deal. My first three releases, Parabola, Dark Towers and Desires are only available on this site. Not on iTunes, Amazon or Spotify. And they are only avaliable here in streamed format. Parts of this is about to change.

I have decided to make a compilation of the best tracks from the early releases plus medleys from the later ones. It will be a full length release, over one hour, and it will be available for free download here. Just thought I’d give you a heads up.

Peace:: Interzone

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