01 Dec

Quick update

I just wanted to drop a few lines on the status of everything. Well, almost everything. The work on n3Xt continues I got the vocal parts from Sandhya and I will finalize this last track, Border Patrol, under December. She has recorded something truly outstanding and beautiful, and she also added moods and colors to the song that really fits.

I have begun to cooperate with Record Union, and as a result of that, both Terra Above and Wings (and most likely Live Zones) will be on iTunes, Spotify and some 20+ other on-line stores. I have no idea if this will increase sales, but I like Record Union.

Other than that I prepare for the darkness of the winter months ahead. I definatly live in the wrong country, weather-wise. Well, it actually can be quite inspiring. This Sunday I was out walking when a thick mist rolled in, surrounding me. I stood still for a while, just looking as the landscape became engulfed in mist; wonderful!

That scene really stirred something in me, and as a result of that I have begun work on new tracks. So inspiration lurks where you least expect it.


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