16 May

More news from Annexia

Hi there music lovers. There is, as usual, a lot in the making and plenty of new stuff to look forward to.

Yes, the Interzone Webshop is taking of. Most of the old releases are available there for good quality streaming as well as download. Even the free release n3Xtensions is there, complete with cover art and all. As I said before, this is the place where all new material will be released, long before they hit the big stores like iTunes, Amazon.

The compilation is ready to be released, everything is ready and the tracklist is as follows:

…plus some extra bonus material. All I am waiting for now is the record cover. And for the first time I will not be doing it. It will be done by Project Klangwelt, a wonderful, creative and really cool graphic designer. Go and check her work out. I am really looking forward to what she will bring.

The music is recorded and ready – six tracks in total. The tone and feel is very distorted, dark and dissonant. The Deserts project differs a bit from the other ones in that that I am planning to include both written words and moving images. There is still a lot to be done on those areas, but I will keep you all updated.


Quite a few people have said that my music in many ways could and/or should be referred  to as steampunk. That made me ponder on how you translate images of old machinery and any other Verne/Wells imagery into sounds. And what part of my sounds represent those images. But then I listened through some of the stuff I have made, and realized that i do use quite a bit of machinery in my tracks. Old tracks as In the Flesh and Alessa from the Desires release have it. Also many of the tracks on n3Xt and n3Xtensions are in some subconscious  way inspired by both steam and punk.
However, there will be much more talked on the topic of steampunk in the future. In the meantime, please share your thoughts on what you think Steampunk is.


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Comments ( 2 )
  • Culturally speaking, the way I see Streampunk the same way as Goths. There are few people who really get it and the rest is atheistic easily duplicated (like most anything “Pop” but not outright “Popular”).

    How that translates into music and more importantly, your music… well, Steampunk implies, to me, condensed brick structures… and deserts aren’t those. 🙂 Or to put it another, industrial music but more tame (in the sense of tempo vs. sound). Steampunk isn’t about the machines themselves (and the work they do), it’s about appreciating the machinery.

    At least, as I see. it. 🙂

  • I definitely agree that is not about any work done by the machines, rather appreciating and approaching them, or for me, listening to them.

    As I said in an interview, one of the best drum machines ever is the old offset printing press.