02 Jun

Instrumental music

As most of you know, almost all the music I do is instrumental. It is not because I don’t like vocals – it is because I really can’t sing. I have wondered how my music would have been if I actually had a voice worth anything. Would I have focused on the texts? And just how different would the actual music be?

I admit – sometimes I have left the instrumental world and included vocals in my music. Sometimes I even did the singing myself! You can here me sing on this track:

Now I’m trying to find people to collaborate with; I want to see what the result is when we take my instrumental music and put vocals in it. The goal is to find enough different people so there is a musical variety, and then make a nice album. The first album that is 100% not instrumental in any way.

But that is still in the planning stage. Right now I’m working on the next album. It has the working name Tangiers and will be a return to drones and soundscapes. And it’s completely instrumental.


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