19 Feb

Fourth n3Xtension – Sandcastle Ruins

The weekend is upon us – at last, and it’s time to present a new n3Xtension. As you all surely know, these are tracks that did not make it on the n3Xt album for continuity and story reasons. Instead I choose to present them here as free downloads. And the response have been surprisingly positive. Many many downloads – and a few donations. I humbly bow my head and thank you all.

Now we have come to Sandcastle Ruins. It’s one of my more harmonic pieces; a string arrangement with some slow, almost thoughtful improvisation. I had an image of an abandoned beach and a big sandcastle that was built by children on a sunny day, now slowly being erased by pouring rain. I really hope you will enjoy it.

Listen to Sandcastle Ruins

It’s also a free download (8,8MB ZIP file), get it here:  Download

Again, if you really like the stuff I do here, please don’t hesitate to make a small donation.


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