20 Apr

Organic Universe released

And so, here is the long overdue Organic Universe album, with an amazing cover painting by House of Dolving.  Go to the online store and download it for yourself, or even better – pre-order the vinyl release that is going to be available in June. Have a great Easter, and until next time. Peace::Interzone

06 Jun

The Silence is Over

No worries, let’s get straight to it. A new release is out, now! It’s a two-track single released this very day for download on my site here. You can also listen on it on the player on this page. It’s not like anything I’ve done before – and I am actually very pleased with it.  Oh, I’ve also […]

18 Dec

To Remix a Fairytale

I was approached by Sergey of Elpamusic on contributing to a remix release of a track by Josh Winiberg; Fairytale. I listened to it and decided that I could give this track a new dimension, or at least a different interpretation. And today I got the news – the album has been released. Now what […]

03 Apr


There is a very cool netlabel focusing on the ambient side of music named Elpamusic. Not only can they boast with one of the most beautiful sites I’ve seen, they also have the good habit of releasing monthly compilations with great unsigned electronica – for free. So if you need your daily fix of ambient/electronica/somesuch […]