01 May

Saving the Bytes

Easter came and went, and one of my harddrives just plain went. I had just set up my brand new NAS containing four disks of two TB each and was just starting to shift all the data from my old and smaller disc. Then I suddenly got a ‘DING’ and a message saying that the […]

02 Dec

Decision time

Well here we are, Oscillator is dragging on and on, and I know you’re getting tired of only reading about nothing but delays. So after some thinking I went and made a decision. *who-hoo* Instead of waiting a few more months to get the remaining tracks done I am now stopping all new material so […]

27 Nov

Early Xmas Gift

 Well, it sure seems I was a bit optimistic in thinking that Oscillator would be done this fall. As it looks now, it’s more likely that I will have it done in early 2012. So far I’d say that two-thirds of it is completely done. I have gotten quite a few email about the delay, […]

26 Aug

The first Reich

This is a track I made about half a year ago, before I started the work on Oscillator. Yes, this piece is not only very inspired by Steve Reich, it actually contains the entire piece Clapping Music, written by him. Plus some …augmentation by me. I’m not trying to break new ground here, this is […]

25 Jul

Teasing Sample

As I have stated before, the work on my n3xt release, Oscillator, is underway. And I thought it would be fun/nice/cool to give you all a small preview of what I’ve been tinkering on. Because there are two things that set this release quite a bit apart from the others. First the fact that it’s […]

05 Jul

Residual Tears is is here

Elpamusic, the wonderful distributors of really great and free music has been kind enough to offer me to contribute to their 67:th release. So I had two small previous releases, Residue and Two Tears, but only the latter was a free download. And since they are pretty similar musically, both with a mood of melancholy […]

31 Mar

Two Tears for you.

In the wake for the next major release, Oscillator, I am very glad to give to you a special three track release: Two Tears. It is in an extension of a few tracks from n3Xt; Sometimes in Rain and Velvet, and the tracks from Residue. This EP is in many ways both personal as well as […]