09 Mar

Back to the Blog

Yeah, so there has been a very  long time since I’ve posted anything here. I apologize for that and with this post I’m going to try to re-ignite this musicians’ blog. Of course a lot of things has happened since the last post, but I won’t go into everything at once – it will come, […]

08 Aug

Doctor Who trailer

Yes, I am a big fan of Doctor Who, and has been for many years. So it feels really great that I can present to you this, the first new Doctor Who trailer. Peace::Interzone

06 Jun

The Silence is Over

No worries, let’s get straight to it. A new release is out, now! It’s a two-track single released this very day for download on my site here. You can also listen on it on the player on this page. It’s not like anything I’ve done before – and I am actually very pleased with it.  Oh, I’ve also […]

25 Nov

The Great Shift

I have, as most of you know, been busy building and equipping what now is my recording studio. First I thought that I’d just have a few ‘real’ synthesizers to complement the ones on my computer. But as it turned out (yes, my ideas have a tendency to take a life and will of their own) I’m going all out with […]

19 Jun

Studio Inkwell – part five: Done!

Hi again. Well, the next step after moving in was to decide what should go where. Not really easy, but after a few not-so-good attempts  I finally decided on how all the keyboards and synths should be placed, where the carpets should go, the computer and both computer screens, mixing desk, audio interface, outboard effects, […]

05 Jun

Studio Inkwell – part four: The empty room

So this weekend was the big moving day. And the days this week are spent finding things and putting them in what might be a good place. To be replaced by a better place a few weeks after. As some of you know, I’m moving to a bigger flat, and as a because of that […]

01 May

Studio Inkwell – part one

 This very blurry picture is me circa 1984 in front of my Roland Modular System 100m. Much of what I did then was made by that and other oldschool synths. No MIDI, no presets – just tons of knobs, switches, cables and patches to remember. I improvised just as much in the making of the […]